I recently recieved a Squire Stagemaster with a FR liscensed locking tremelo system. I've seen videos of people using them and the arm stays in the standard positon that you would need it in to play it. However, mine doesn't it winds up getting tight pointing backwards (towards the tail) Is there any way i can fix this?
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Do you have any pictures of the trem?
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No. sorry. but i think you could find one on google
Epi LP--->Digitech RP3--->Crate GT-200
normally, you would just let it hang loose,and reach down and grab it. 2 tricks I've used to keep a screw in type arm in a position closer to the strings. Fender sells a spring that goes in the trem hole, and it pushes back against the bar so it stays in the threads tighter. I know it fits the MIA trems, not sure about the others. Another trick I've used is taking the teflon tape they use on pipe threads, and putting a couple wraps around the trem arm threads. It evenutally wears out, but it works for a while, and keeps your trem arm a lot tighter, without having to worry about going too far and stripping the threads or shearing the arm.
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