Im not quite able to nail the part when picking upwards, up to tempo. This is what Im talkin about:


Can anyone please tell me the exact pick movement on that one? Ive been trying down-down-down but its tough to play it up to speed. Up-Up-UP is kinda sloppy.

Unable to rake either.
I recomend just practing the up-up-up so that it isnt sloppy anymmore.
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He plays the song with alternate picking. It's faster and far cleaner than the whole up up up thing.
i know ALOT of that song and the best way to play is alternate picking sweep picking it in the same speed he does it alternate picked would be hard to get accustomed to but i guess possible, my advice is to do alot of alternate picking excercises across strings and string skipping to nail it

non sweeped arpeggios or 2 octave arpeggios alternate picked to a metrenome would be a good excercise

if you want an awesome free metrenome look for weird metrenome
I use sweep picking a lot in that song, just cause it feels much more comfortable than alternate... I think Petrucci does it all alternate though? Unsure.
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If you want to alt pick it and get it up to tempo (or just increase your alt picking speed), isolate each movement in an asymmetrical rhythm and just bounce between the strings. Play the top note on the beat in the direction you'll be hitting it when you play it, play the bottom note on the last 16th of the beat, in the direction you'll be playing it; lather, rinse, repeat, beat after beat.

Do it at a slow tempo, with a metronome 80bpm or slower is good, and start to exagerate the rhythm so the strong beat is longer, and the space between the last '16th' and the beat gets shorter.

Early on I had a guitar teacher explain to me why this works -- the fastest you'll ever play is as fast as you can make that single motion. How fast the metronome is clicking doesn't matter, how short you can space those notes in sequence, and keep your rhythm, does. By doing it slowly you can prepare better before the weak-strike, and work as much movement out of the motion as you can, making it easier to do it more quickly. You're also training the muscles to fire in that exact motion much more quickly, and with more precision, rather than just trying to increase how fast your wrist can move up & down.

Excersizes like this, where you're teaching your muscles to fire rapidly in sequence, are usually isomorphic in nature; that means the muscle gets fatigued a lot faster than you think, and you don't feel it as much. Don't practice that way more than 10 minutes or so on a specific motion; don't repeat the excersize (or variations of it) more than 3-5 times a day.
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