Hey everyone. I need a little help with sharkfin inlays. I have an Epiphone Goth Explorer and I was looking to modify it aesthetically. I came up with the ideas of having sharkfin inlays on the fretboard cause I think that inlays really sex a guitar up. The Goth Explorer only has a twelfth fret inlay in roman numerals, XII.

The thing is that I have no idea what the purpose of these inlays are, how they will change the sound of the guitar etc. The only reason I want to get them in is to make the guitar look better. How do they affect the sound of the guitar? And how do I get them in? Well I'm not going to do this myself and I'm going to give it in to the shop to get it done, but I don't want them laughing in my face once I mention it to them so I thought I'd better clarify over here. And roughly how much will this cost? Thanks alot.

I'm new here, so if there's already a thread on this topic could you please leave a link for me before the mods lock this? Thanks alot guys.
Inlay's don't affect tone. You're safe there. To install them, you have to route into the fretboard and then put in the inlay. It's relatively simple, but it's difficult to do...
I think that if inlays would change your sound..
Steve Vai's tree of life inlay would really **** up his sound with all the weird wobbly thingys.
It's probably going to cost you a fair buck though.
only thing I can think of is that they may have to temper you guitar.
And if it is not done really professional it may mess up your intonation or neck strength.
But I'm not a luthier, and I doubt it that they would laugh at you.
It's their job to inform you, and if people knew so much about it they'd do it themselves instead of bringing it to a professional.
But anyways, I have a jackson RR3, and yes, sharfin inlays DO sex a guitar up alot.
Go for broke man