I remember seeing on the "You know when you are a bassist..." page about dreaming about basses or playing the bass.

I never had one... till now!

It was weird. I think I was sat around a table at a library, with my "friends" but I didn't know them. Then the guy pulled out a B.C. Rich Warlock fretless (do they make fretlesses?), and I then proceeded to play Master of Puppets and this girl was impressed. Then on the other side of the library, a woman asked if we could keep it down. My amp was too loud.

A crappy dream though. I don't even like BC Richs! I did vist the Metallica myspace page yesterday though.

What are your bass dreams?
I'll probably buy, for the fact that I wanted one before got an electric guitar. Looks like another summer day slot filled it seems!

Want to build a Jackson, to be fairly freaking honest.

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I once had a dream about playing a show with my old band The March of Pegasus and getting ready to do my tapping intro to It Ain't Easy Being Green (the ninja turtles song). When I started tapping though, my fingers started falling off. I hope that never happens in real life....
I usually get the opposite thing... I cant get to sleep because I'm thinking about playing funky grooves and wiggling around in my bed
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You know you're a bassist when someone asks you why you play bass and you reply, "Bass is my voice, my expression. I can say things through my bass that I can't anywhere else. Also, it makes my nutsack vibrate."
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I usually get the opposite thing... I cant get to sleep because I'm thinking about playing funky grooves and wiggling around in my bed

WIGGLING?! Damn, son, whate are YOU doing up in yo bed Those ain't bass dreams, fella, those are a slighly different kind...

Ha, "wiggling"...

I didn't have a bass dream per se, but i had a bass involved in a dream. And for whatever wierd reason it was a friggin B.C Rich, a 6-stringed version. I guess when somebody posted a picture of it here a while back, it just shocked me so. But B.S Riches suck so bad...
funny thread !

I once had a dream that that i was playing a HEADLESS Stringray bass, which has no strings, and all i needed to do was fret the note to sound it. A person from work that i hate was laughing at me saying the colour was really disgusting, and i dont even know what the colour was in the dream. Mental. I love dreams, especially wet ones.


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oh oo la la.

I used to have dreams about getting my Stingray before I got it. Not very interesting, but there we are. I also occaisionally dream about the concerts I wish my band was playing.
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Yeah, I once had a dream I was playing with my old band at Glastonbury and I threw my bass like a boomerang into the crowd, that was pretty cool.

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