Is that the 'Eye of the tiger' music? I really can't work out what it is but its very familiar. Best Eurovision performance ever! Good to see they're putting something different in.
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Lordi rocks. Hard Rock Halleluja *sing* good performance especielly the thing with the wings. I hope they win!
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damn... thats was like... really bad

to bad fintroll has stopped
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yeah that sucked a lot! the voice of the woman annoyed me very much, and it wasn't special or anything, too cliché imo
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i think we should all vote for them seeing as they are are the only rock act, they are so daft its kind of funny and you cant vote for your own country. even though our entry is even worse
I'm voting for them. It's about time we ended the reign of crappy pop tunes at Eurovision. I don't see it happening, but we can't change anything if we all think that. Let's do it for music's sake.

Anyone seen/heard the UK entry? Something about a middle-aged white guy talking about how hard school is, with some scantily clad schoolgirls in the background doing dances with tables and chairs?

But I love Eurovision. It's a farse but it's a funny one. It woudn't be half as good without Terry Wogan in the UK.
never mind them being the only rock act, they're the only proper band there. very few Eurovision entrants write their own music, and those who do, SUCK. *cough*Brian Kennedy*cough* way to make us proud there Brian....
and yeah, Terry's cool. this will be the first year i actually watch the damn thing, tho ill have the sound off for all songs but Lordis

i love those guys, so rubbish, yet catchy and a good laugh.
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How many points did they get?
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they didnt give points, just 10 envelopes with the winners. then they drew the announcing out for aaaages.
What I loved best was there's these four guys backstage, all made up with the wings and faces and everything, and the lead singer's just sipping on a Pepsi. Classic. I totally expected him to be holding aloft an jug of human blood.
Was really pleased Lordi won, our entry was a joke!
Funny tho, Lordi won with 292 points and we got a crappy 24!!! :lol:
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