Have you seen the music video for "Steady as she goes" by the Raconteurs? Im trying to build a guitar that looks vaguely like Jack White's in the video. This is my first time building a guitar and i have no idea what im doing. Any help i can get would be great

I need:
  • A cost estimate
  • Wiring help
  • Wood reccomendations
  • Where to get wood/paint
  • how to make frets (and the spacing)
  • and any other help you can give me

The reason i am building from scratch is because i have not nearly enough money to buy one and i need a new guitar soon.

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If it's your first time building, buy a neck. Don't make one.

And you can hardly "need a new guitar", if you have one, unless under extreme circumstances ("My dog ate it?") then you'd need a new one. I guess I'm contradicting the whole B&C then, meh.

Want to build a Jackson, to be fairly freaking honest.

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well if you dont have enough money to buy a guitar how are you going to get money to build one
Building Costs nearly as much as buying one. You just get the joys of saying i built that and you have a little bit more choices. The tools a lone will cost nearly as much as the guitar.
Yeah, just hte hardware alone will give you a run for ouyr money if you want to save money. Unless you go for all the cheap crap stuff people on ebay sell from their squiers and such, but then you probably don't want ot say yo umade it then. Most guitars around here, costed about 400- 1000+ I think, I'm not sure but that's my estimate for hte price range of the gutiars built around here.
Jack White's Guitar?

It's not made of wood.

Valco Airline.....

It's Fiberglass................ Good luck getting that and shaping it.
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haha yeh i guess the ts didnt think this through fully. even if he/she were to build it the cost for the wood alone would burn a whole in the wallet