Hey, I just want to say that i'm no beginner, i've been playing the guitar for 3 years now and i am i guess alright.

One concern i have is that when i am doing pull off runs or just picking up and down the fretboard or whatever, my ring and middle finger are not separated so that stuffs me up particularly when im doing pull off runs from my pinky to my middle to my index because my ring finger is practically touching my middle hence blocking the note from ringing and stuffing up my runs and licks, so what i am asking is how do i separate my middle finger from my ring finger so i dont bump into these annoying mistakes anymore.

Thank you.
Okay, maybe I;m tired, maybe your crap at explaining, but I don;t really have any idea what you are talking about. Are you saying that one of your finger is muting the string below it?
If so, just try to get you hand further above the fretboard, rather than across it. If you're standing up, tighten your strap so your fingers have more room to move.
Hope that helps...
Not exactly sure what you mean, but practice some scales, they stretch fingers and give your fingers independence, I've been practicing them less than a week and I can already tell a big difference