Hi, I've been playing guitar for a little under a year. I don't plan on being in a band anytime soon, but I play around regularly with my friend (who's a drummer.) My little 10watt amp can't stand up to his drums, so i was thinking buying either this


or this


does anyone have any experience on which one I should buy? give me some feedback pls
if u're gonna spend 300 bucks on an amp...go get a vox ADVT50, hybrid tube amp with enough power to play with drums...good amp, good effects, great tone...
i say save up a lil more. you've played with this drummer this long, you can do it a lil longer. if you buy that pignose or toneblaster, you will want a tube amp later on with more features. but thats my opinion. if you don't like my advice take aic_roosters advice
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Of those 2, the Pignose will definately sound best, but I wouldn't get either. Look into something a little more substantial for playing with a drummer - at least 50W, preferably more.

Usual suspects are the Peavey Bandit, Randall RG, Crate GTX / GFX / GLX. They're a bit more money than these 2 amps, but also way better and will last you a lot longer before you're looking to upgrade again.

Amps to avoid: Line 6 Spider & Marshall MG.
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but th pignose is tube... it will be a lot louder than that solid-state-solid-crap ibanez....
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hmm. i think i'll go with the pignose. my local music shop that i take lessons from would sell it to me for $240, and my mom doesn't want me spending so much money on an amp. (I'm only 14). Well, thanks for the feedback guys.