I was just looking for input, I have been playing guitar for about 6 months now, I have been a drummer and bass player for the past 15 + years. I am self taught and at first I absorbed everything and progressd quickly, now I feel like I am plateued out, and now matter how long I practice I can not get to that next level. Will Lessons once a week for 30 minutes get me over that hump?
If its a good teacher then yes probably.
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yes get a teacher it will most probably help u out a bundle although it would have helped if u got them from the start of your playing i really which i did because if i did i would be alot better now and would most probly have none of my current bad habbits. so yes get a teacher. and about that hump i also cant get over the hump probly because i never have lessons either.
I'm completely self taught, been playing for a few years, and from my experience, and those of my lesson taught friends, these blocks are pretty standard.
It's happened to me a few times and I find the best way to overcome it is just take a break, maybe try writing your own stuff, or just noodling around on the guitar for hours.
And then WHAM you'll get a bit of inspiration and you'll have beaten the block...
I would have to agree on getting an instructor. Even though you may think you have the basics down, you may be developing some bad habits. (as was mentioned above) An instructor is a good sounding board for questions and ideas, and will show you the proper way to do things. (If you have a good one)

Like you, I've played drums for a long time, (24yrs) and you have to agree that having an instructor helped. I wouldn't even be half as good as I am if I didn't have someone showing me the right way right from the start.