So, here's an instrumental for a pop-punk song called Follow or Fall. I originally wrote this song like a year ago, but here it is redone, including drums from Acoustica Beatcraft =)


Crit for crit
I use Beatcraft too, and as far as I can tell, the drums sound wicked.

Sometimes, the guitars sound a bit out of time with the drums. Or at least they sound a bit awkward together. I dont know, maybe it's just me.

Riffs are sick, but I'm not a huge fan of one that comes in at 1:25 and finishes the song. I think it just sounds a bit out of place.

Nice job, definitely not your average "pop punk" song.

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^ Yeah, it was pretty hard for me to play guitar at a pace that matched up with the insanely fast drumming. If the drumming was maybe twice as slow, I'd be able to more concisely play the guitar parts, but at this speed, I kinda just had to do guesswork.

The 1.25 riff I'm not sure about. You just told me that it doesn't really fit, though one of my friends told me it was the best part of the song. However, I WILL say that, alas, that riff was recorded nearly half a year ago in an earlier version of this song, and I just copied/pasted it. Heh...

Anyways, thanks for the crit, I'll get to your as soon as I can
Ah well, it may just be me about that riff.

And yeah, you can kinda tell it was recorded at a different time, quality and tone were really different from the rest of the song. Maybe that's why it sounded out of place.
Mmm, not bad, but the playing is a little sloppy. COuld be better with time! 6/10
^ Do you mean if it was played in time, or eventually, though improvements, it could be better?
Definatly very raw, but it has potential. With better recording equiment, tighter playing, and better arrangement I think this could be a lot better. That's really all holding this song back from being really good (maybe a real drummer and bassist too). Great rough draft is more what I'm trying to say
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^ Ah, yeah, if only I could afford better equipment and knew a drummer willing to collaborate
^ Heh, I guess that's another person in favor of the 1.25 riff.

Still dunno if I should keep it or get rid of it =/