more of the same
drugs that ease the pain
till you walk by again
till the sun slides down your hair
i am lost in you
but i know where i am
and i dont want to be anywhere else
pink fairytales in my head
where the blue hearts where swimming
and the flowers were in your eyes
and one in your hair
i fell for you there, all over again
because your everything

you are, you are
you are everything
you are you are

springtime kill the reasons with a brezze
pointing me to where your sitting
wish id get to know you to see if im right
to see if you know about the pieces you leave behind
if your a rock n' roll queen then im a nobody

you are, you are
you are everything
you are you are

i write your name when im bored
i paint out my feelings when i sleep
but im always growing up
and now i know
that the world ive built around you isnt real
was never real
your just a stain on my shirt
a scar on my elbow
but it was all beautiful
you are beautiful
wish i can do this again soon

tell me what you think, crit for crit
critisim for fellow critics, be a doll why dontcha :
sweet soul

is you am a dog? is you got a dog?