can someone give me some advice on what amp to get?

I like my guitar at the mo adn the amp ive got is a 4x12" carlsbo rated at 300 but since it isnt a bass amp i dont get a great sound

Anyone know a good amp that i could get in the 3-400 quid range needs to be able to play moderate sized gigs

EDIT:Ive tried out a Peavy Nitro rated at 350 and an ashdown 2x10'' combo that sounded fantastic but are theere any others i should look at?
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Crate's are always reliable.

You can get a good 15 watt bass amp for about 150$ Canadian.
Fender Rumble 100, Laney RB8, GK Backline 115 and Ashdown MAG are all in that price range.
I would have thought from the guys name he would already have an Ashdown MAG or AMB - confusing. Anyway, you can't go wrong with the VU meter... ooh pretty
Thnx for all the suggestions will take a look at all the ones mentioned.

Also would an active pickup dramtically affect my sound or should i save my money and leave the passive ones ive got the guitar at the mo?