ok, changing my guitar or amp is not financially feasable at the moment, so what pedals and such can i use to get the sound of killswitch engage? that really edgy sound, etc.

I have an ESP EC1000 w/ EMG 81/60, and a Crate GLX 30 amp.

thanks for any advice other than get a tube amp. thats next, dangit!
New amp.

Adam use a Huges & Kettner Triamp and the other guitarist uses a Mesa/Boogie Dual or Triple Rectfier (could be a single though, you never know).
They also use EMG 81s in the bridge and 2 SA's in the middle and neck.
like you told us not too, tube amps make the difference
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To make your pedals sound good, don't you need a good amp first?
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You have a nice guitar. Get rid of that s***y amp. A 100 dollar pedal like a Metal Zone wont even near meet it's potential with a crappy solid state. Tubes are tone heaven. The difference is night and day.