Some days ago, I had to use a Marshall when I was about to buy a new pedal.

I bought the Boss DS-2 but when I tested it on the Marshall in the shop, the sound just wasn't the bright grungesound I have in my much cheaper amp.

I am about to buy a stage amp but I just don't know if I want the Marshall amps

everybody is very positive about those Marshalls all the time. but wich brand is the best for my style. Only the Mesa amps? I'm not THAT rich so what are the alternatives

Thanks for your feedback about this....
I am guessing that you might have played on one of the Marshall MG series or AVT series . They both sound crappy. MG's are solid states that have a crappy sound. AVT's are a combination of solid state and tubes. And they sound pretty crappy too. You wouldn't really get the marshall tone that one expects, until you try one of their all tube amps.
Marshalls should suit the grunge souund just fine. Mesas are great for metal. However expect to shell out a fair amount of money if you get an all tube marshall. You might also want to look at other less popular brands like peavey, or Laney. Peavey has a great all tube combo (valve king 112, 50W) for around 400 bucks.
Depends what grunge your talking about. For alice in chains/soundgarden/melvins type sound i'd say Dual Recto. For Nirvana i'd say Twin Reverb. Yes i got to recommend one.
He used a distortion pedal with it to get the grungey distorted sound^^^

Go to a shop and try a load of amps out, see what you like.
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I played a TSL 602 Combo (all tube) and that was pretty cool. I couldnt crank it though so I'm not really sure how crunchy it can get but it had a really nice dirty rock sound to it (think manic street preachers circa holy bible)
TSLs are very crunchy my freind, not really dark like grunge, well at least mines not, my jcm 800 is tho, so is my dual recto but you couldnt find one really affordible, id say look into jcm 900s theyre affordible and great amps
no but ebay pawn shops and guitar shops with a good consignment program have them all the time
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do they sell jcm 900's new anymore?

they've got a reissue of the 100W head.

But really, as far as JCM800s and 900s the deals are when you get them used