well...i'm back. Lately, I haven't been writing poetry or songs as much as I have short stories; but this is an exception. I wrote this recently. It's short. I'll let you find the meaning.


I dream of beauty;
As to be forever bold,
Not in question
To defeat,
But rather
To say to the world
With a new
I?ve done it.

i loved it.

i'm guessing that it's about plastic surgery or body modification
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i loved it.

i'm guessing that it's about plastic surgery or body modification

you got it
wow that was really cleverly written..well done. It was short but you got the message pretty clearly...
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I liked it, abeit it being short and using somewhat "simple" language. I think you probably (read: definately) did that on purpose. Its a sort of wierd poem...my guess would be that you wanted to lose a certain amount of weight and accomplished it, or something similar? While reading it I could definately "see" what you were saying in my minds eye. It was a nice read, thanks

I won't ask you to crit back becuase I haven't posted anything But I may, because I'm starting to like this forum, and have always loved writing poetry.
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