I am in need of a volume pedal ... a few guys I jam with use ernie ball 6166 mono volume pedals but when I went to buy this pedal I noticed an ernie ball Jr. pedal. What is the difference between these two pedals?
The Jr is smaller, less space taken up on your pedalboard for doing the samething (as the full size ones do take up quiet a bit of a pedal board real estate)
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so why is the jr cheaper if it does the same thing but only smaller

err...its smaller = its cheaper

which is cheaper, a Cadillac Escalde or a Honda Civic?
i have read some reviews on the larger one (6166) and a few people have had problems with the string inside breaking or loosening ... the Jr. has recieved complaints with the tuner out creating distorted sounds ... I am lost as to what I should do, any suggestions?