I can solo pretty good now, but i have no rythym!

I was wondering if anyone one had some advice or songs maybe?

I would appreciate it if someone can increase my rhythym skills.
try listening to funk,flamenco,jazz and blues
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get a drum machine and play with it
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practice with a metrenome. everything you do. I mean everything. If your gonna play, grab a metrenome and stay in time. That should help you a lot.
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you can get metrenomes cheap as hell, or just go online
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listen to some allman brothers ("no way out" , "you don't love me", "don't keep me wondering" etc.) and santana (everything on the first 1969 album).

hmm wait a minute. do you mean "no rithym" as "can't keep time" or "uninsteresting rithym guitar parts" ???
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Tap your foot while playing.
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Nor do you have a dictionary along with half of the people that replied; good lord. All that aside, there are some good suggestions here, but you didn't specify what you meant by "increasing your rhythm skills." Do you mean as a rhythm player in general? Your timing? Strumming patterns? Chords? Please specify so we can help you better.

I mean rhytym, likesongs in general, i have troubles with strumming songs and stuff
Metronome, it's a simple answer, but the best.
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In addition to a metronome, really listen to the strumming pattern to get it right. If you listen closely, you can hear if it's an upstroke or a down stroke and get the pattern right so you can play it correctly. Make sure you relax your arm/wrist. Let gravity help on the way down. The wrist should be real fluid. Watch yourself in the mirror, if it looks anything short of smooth, you're probably forcing it.

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its a great one, just i wish it had things like swing beats, and a bit more content etc.

thats ok tho.

Ahhh... yea that'd be a real nice feature

If I got off my arse I could probably make a java applet that would do that without too much effort, but I'm too lazy.
Am I the only one that thinks thats the thread title ( I've got Soul but no damn RHYTHYM!) is a kick ass album title, author should snag it if no one else has it.
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Metronome, it's a simple answer, but the best.

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Stop listening to rock music and listen to real music like funk/jazz/r&b/soul. Then you will master the art of rhythm.
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Am I the only one that thinks thats the thread title ( I've got Soul but no damn RHYTHYM!) is a kick ass album title, author should snag it if no one else has it.

i guess that would be a cool album title, but i would be putting my band down? haha
Hey, Ron Thal has a song called "I can't play the blues" and "Guitars suck"...
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It gets better with time, trust me, I had the same problem.

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i got this metronome for like 20 bucks, it has an led display so you can choose between 2leds or 8,so you can just see the beats or like an arm swinging between the two. it also has a beat pattern like 0 2 4 6 8...etc and on each beat that it hits it makes a different pitch ansd color on the led display. you can control the bpm with a dial that goes from 40 to 208 bpm and it also comes with an ear piece.

edit: it is called the quartz metronome by sabine
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