Alrit guys,
I've got an ibanez sz 520 in good condition and with a dimarzio evolution in bridge and a PAF pro in neck. Firstly how much do you reckon i could get for this (in pounds)??? And what shred guitar could i get instead? I need something with a fast neck, two hummers, pref floyd rose, the sorts of things associated with fast playing and obviously it needs a nice sound. I was thinking jackson DKMG as i hear the 2006 model has real EMGs as opposed to passives.
Get A Ibanez S520EX. Its got the scratch inlay which is cool for metal and its mahogany. Its got a Nice Wizard neck and a good trem system but the only thing youll have to do is get EMG's in it. Plus its quite cheap
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You can get a sz520qm for £320 on the net, so depending on the condition maybe £180-£220, as far as yor next guitar the jackson sounds good as does an ibanez rg1570.
I would suggest keeping a great guitar and saving up for another great guitar. But otherwise, I'd go with the Jackson.

Note: while the SZ isn't exactly a shred guitar, it's by no means a slow guitar. If you're buying another guitar primarily for a fast neck, you might be a little dissapointed. The difference will PROBABLY not be nearly as much as you think it will be. (Just my personal experience here, everyone's different though, espescially when it comes to something so individual as choosing a guitar)
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well i dunno i don't rly click with my SZ. I want a new guitar to be an incentive to actually work hard with a metronome to get my speed up.
If you want a Jackson, you could get a KE3; you'd have to change pickups for EMGs though if you really want EMGs. It's a very sweet guitar, the neck feels as fast as that of an SL 2 (to me, anyway); It's a little bit heavyish I guess, and to get to the highest 2-3 frets you need to bend your hand weirdly because the body can get in the way a bit, but those are pretty much the only gripes I have about this guitar.
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