I'm thinking of buying a better guitar, but there are so much "good" branches I don't know what to look for.. I currently play an Epiphone Goth SG on an Ibanez Toneblaster Halfstack. I've been playing for about 9 years and I like to play all kinds of music (Rock, Metal, Jazz, Blues, Funk,..), so I'd like to buy a rather versatile (sp?) guitar.. My budget is about 2500 dollars max. I've already tried some G&L guitars and stuff but I'd like to know which other guitars could fit my style.. (Because of my age the guys from guitarshops always give me a very strange look and say "no!" when I ask to test some of the more expensive guitars..) Thanks in advance..
Dude, you should know what you want if you're spending that much...... IF theye wont let you try out guitars show them the money and say **** you, if i can't try guitars here, i take my money somewhere else.
If I had 2,500 $ I would without a doubt upgrade the amp first unless you really like it.
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You should check out the Washburn custom shop, beautiful stuff.
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i love my custom tele with dual hummers. i play blues, metal, shred, jazz, and even a lil (shh dont tell anyone) country. and you'll be able to save some of that 2500 for a decent amp, or processor or whatever other gear you want.
You have a pretty broad range of influences there. I'd suggest looking into a telecaster or a fat strat. PRS guitars are also pretty versatile.

You probably know their homepages since you've been playing for so long, but here's a link to PRS' home page:


and fender:

get a gibson just pick one that you like they are great for all kinds of music or get the new American Deluxe Strat with the s1 switch which makes two single coils act like a humbucker this guitar is very versatile as well