My birthday is today, and my parents paid half twoards an Ibanez AW100ECE acoustic-electric. Really awesome guitar, I'm ecstatic to have it.

A couple questions though: The one I was trying out had a faulty pickup, so they sent for a brand-new one from one of the other stores around here (guitar center), and the strings are a bit different.
They're heavier, and just the top 2 strings are unwound instead of the top three.
When I play it, aside from just having a preference for lighter strings (probably from playing acoustic music on a classical up til now), the top two strings stand WAY out. They are much ringy-er, and completely overpower the other strings when I'm playing. It's fairly annoying.
I asked for some lighter gauge strings when I picked it up, but when i looked at the box, just the top two are unwound as well.
My question is this: When I go to buy new strings, is there anything I want to look for to avoid this? Uhhh...these are bronzed strings ("yellow", not "white"), what is the difference in sound? Should I be extra careful to make sure the top three strings are unwound?
I haven't tried the strings I picked up yet, since I just got the guitar and want to play, instead of taking the time to change strings :P
Thanks for any help you can offer.
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Congrats on the guitar. First off on an acoustic it is normal for only the top two strings to be unwound. For the question of the strings ringing out it is just a matter of putting new strings on. I would recommend picking up a set of elixirs or if you don't want to drop that much money go with DRs they are also great strings but won't last quites as long. Also make sure to stick with the same guage of strings because it is possible to screw up the action and get buzzing on some frets if you change the guage.
Thanks for your help! I'm definitely looking into the elixir's. One question--how do I tell what gauge strings I have? The strings the salesperson got me were "what he thought was probably one step lighter than the things I have on". Here is the gauge of them (I will not put them of if it will mess up the action):
Martin Acoustic SP Phosphor Bronze
Custom Light
E - .011 (inch) .28 (mm)
B - .015 0.38
G - .023 0.58
D - .032 0.81
A - .042 1.07
E - .052 1.32
Should I just go with the next step up (light) when I get the elixir's, or have someone take a look and see what gauge they are first?
Those are light strings sort of, but what the ibanez's use are .012-.053 so in the elixir line that would be the Phosphur bronze nanoweb lights.