Okay I was thinkin about Buying a fender and wanted to put a Seymour Duncan invader humbucker in the neck position cause thats where the manual said it should go. I wanted to know if I bought a fat strat and put the invader in the bridge position would the pickup sound and work the same as if it were in the neck position? Basically does It matter where I place it even though it says to put it in the bridge?

Or instead I wanted to know if I bought the fat strat then replaced the pick guard with the pickup configuration reversed so it is SSH. Would this work and could it be done if all I did was buy a different pickguard? Or would I have to mess with the electronics too?

Please give me an answer to whichever idea would be easier and do-able.
Keep Fat Strat configuration (HSS from bridge-neck) and yes, you can put the invader in the bridge just fine. A suggestion: www.guitarfetish.com Look into their GFS pickups, humbuckers, then at the end of the page is the GFS Crusader. I suggest this over the Invader because the GFS is said to be less muddy than the Invader, and overall, making it a great pickup.
Thankyou for your reccomendation but still I wanted the invader because I like blink-182. Well I also wondered how does putting the invader in the bridge affect it. Obviously they said it could only go in the neck for a reason. Please give a serious answer I know I must seem stubborn.

Also The GFS pickups sound so good but when I looked at the price I figured It was some kind of ripoff Compared to other brand names like Seymour Duncan. Is this simply because you aren't being charged for the brand name?
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