Hey all...

About a year ago I bought a Telecaster which I have now fallen in love with. At some point in the future, I'd love to have one custom made by Warmoth, but I have a few questions.

1) What effect would a hollow body have on the sound?

2) Do 'F' holes make a difference to the sound?

3) Les Pauls have a meaty sound because they are large slabs of mahogany... Would a mahogany-body Telecaster have a meatier tone? I mean if you look at the body of a Tele they're not small... The one small quibble I have with my Tele is that at times the tone is ever-so-slighty thin... Would Mahogany or any other tone wood help?

Cheers for any help... It's not a pressing issue but general wonderment for future investments hehe.
a mahogany body would do what you want, to give that les paul thickness of sound, if its maple capped, like these ($235-255 for the mahogany option)tele

the key to les paul thickness and sustain is that maple cap.
especially with humbuckers

teles really are not made to sound thick, teles are kind of thin and twangy, strats are quacky and les pauls are THICK as a brick. SGs fall between a dark strat and an lp

hollow bodies do fatten the sound, and lighten it.... but remember fat and thick are different, thinline teles are a bit bassy compared to other teles

f-holes are just a stylized way of showing that you have a hollow/semi hollow, and of theemselves do very little to the sound
So a hollow-bodied, mahogany Telecaster with a maple top layer or laminate, with humbuckers wuld give a thick, fat sound like a LP?

Tele's fit me so well, I find them so playable and the neck on mine is gorgeous, and the clean tones are to die for. I just get the feeling the distortion I've been chasing is LP, but I just can't play them as well...
maybe put a single coil and a humbucker combonation like a custom. The neck (fat) and bridge (twangy) difference in treble will also have a interesting contradiction in my opinion
It sounds like the H-H Thinline Telecaster would be perfect for you.
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Quote by Dirk Gently
It sounds like the H-H Thinline Telecaster would be perfect for you.

I don't think so, I've played several, modern and old and they didn't handle excessive gain much better than a single coiled tele, the pickups seemed to sound more like noiseless singles rather than a darkish les paul 'bucker

I think my full solid suggestion would work well for you
Well you can't make a Corvette into a Viper. There's really no way to get a Les Paul sound from a Tele. The caps on the Warmoth bodies aren't thick enough to effect tone the way the carved maple cap on the Les Paul does. So if he loves the Tele body, he should get the hollow Tele with the H-H option, mahogany body, brighter pickups, and go from there. And I wasn't saying the Fender Thinline Tele. I just meant the body style.
Hi, I'm Peter
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Hi, I'm Peter
Hehe I'd be up for that...

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You could get a humbucker with a coil tap so you can switch to single coil for cleans.
Ah that's a good idea...

Keef... Any remedies for our little debate on the solid -vs- hollow/thinline Tele given my music preferences?

Btw, what's the difference between hollow Teles and Thinlines? Do thinlines just have the f-hole or are they hollow AND have an F-hole, whereas hollows look like regular Teles but are chambered?

Thanks to all so far...