Okay guys check this out. I currently have one of them ibanez guitars from the starter package, i think its one of the GIO. I got it in 8th grade (im now in 11th) and i used it for practice and i think its a pretty good guitar. Anyways, i broke the metalhead(or tuning head) of the high E so its kinda hard to find metalheads for this ibanez. And plus the wires inside the guitar (like where you plug in the amp cable) are all messed up and they always are coming off so i gotta use tape n **** to keep it on there cuz if it comes off the sound goes out. Anyways, my friend really likes how i play and asked me to join his band that's pretty big in the city, im surprised he picked me but he said he liked how i played. So anyways, do you think i should rely on this ibanez? Or should i take it to the shop to fix it? Or what guitars do you reccomend..maybe like a 0-200 price range, ibanez preferably..that i can use temporarily for shows this summer while i raise money.. (im gonna buy a schecter once im loaded w/money, but first i wanna get a job and earn money from shows)
I personally don't like squiers, so i was thinking about this one http://www.musiciansfriend.com/product/IbanezGRX20ElectricGuitar?sku=519417

Then again, i'm not going to play this guitar forever, im just going to use it for shows this summer and then im gonna buy me the s1elite by schecter.

Also, what 100watt amps are pretty good and at a decent price?

Thanks you guys
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You should probably just take that guitar to a shop and have it fixed completely if you like it that much. And for amp suggestions, you'll need to give a price range, your style of music, etc.
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Well for the amp, the price range is 0-400. My style of music is: Breaking Benjamin, Pantera, Metallica, Avenged Sevenfold
It's not necessarily the dog in the fight, it's the FIGHT in the DOG
guitar wise i doubt it is worth buying a new guitar for 200, you may aswell repair the old one (there will be no real difference in doing either except sentimental value)

ampwise i dont know

good luck in the band!
Do you guys think it's safe to let people at guitar places fix my guitar? I mean, what if they don't even know what theyre doing, what if theyre just doing it for the money.....Plus is it fixable if that hole in which you plug in the cable to your guitar is like really screwing up. I mean like can they get a brand new one and install or it or what.. I've never had problems with guitar so im unfamiliar with guitar issues
It's not necessarily the dog in the fight, it's the FIGHT in the DOG
Dont just take it to a Guitar Center, or Sam Ash. Most of them wouldnt do as good of a job as a specialty person. My friend had a new tremelo bridge installed and they had to drill new holes. The person he took it to added some mahogany wood to make it sturdy fill the holes. Regular guitar stores wont do that. Ask friends or if you have a guitar teacher, ask them.
Does anyone know the cost of taking my guitar somewhere to fix? ..Like an average.
It's not necessarily the dog in the fight, it's the FIGHT in the DOG