Im running a J5 telecaster through a peavey amp. but for some reason when i turn the volume off on my instrument, but keep the amp on, it makes this continuous humming sound. even wen its straight guitar to amp with one cable? but the funny part is as soon as i touch something metal on the guitar, the noise stops. if i let go the noise continues.

anyone know how can i make the noise stop?
Feedback doesn't happen with no volume.

Could be the pic-ups. I know you get buzz from single coil pups but I can't remeber if it still applies when the volume is off and I can't be botherd pluging in my strat to find out.

I'll get back to you when I do so!
Dave Tither
60 cycle hum. Normal for single coils. Even with volume down. It's just louder as the volume goes up.
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he said a J5 tele, means its prob. got a humbucker.

it could be your amp buzzing, and i havent found a cure for a humming amp yet.
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