i'm going to buy a new set of pickups within the next week or two, and before i say what sound i'll tell you my setup if that helps
i have a dean 79 flying v with two humbuckers, vol/vol/tone controls, a tune-o-matic bridge with strings through the body instead of a tailpiece, a rosewood fretboard, and mahogany body and neck with a flame maple top
i have a crate gt120 amp which is pretty nice for ss and for my purposes with clean/rhythm/solo channels and i have a dunlop crybaby bass and a boss super distortion and feedbacker (!!!)

i like two polar opposite genres, blues and metal. i want one pickup for clean to medium overdriven/distorted blues and i was wondering if a bright clean pup like that could also do 80s trebley cleanish metal (iron maiden, some van halen, judas priest) and i want another pickup that can do gritty classic rock (zz top, ac/dc, led zep) and distorted crunchy metal (metallica, megadeth, and necessary: SLAYER).

any help would be super appreciated as i've been looking at lots of pup manufacturer's websites but its not as easy as picking out a guitar and playing it in person. ive mainly been looking at dimarzios, would like the price per pickup around 50-80 or so

EDIT: i was thinking dimarzio bluesbucker in the neck with the hot coils facing towards the neck and a dimarzio humbucker from hell in the bridge but idk how well that distorts...
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If you want to use the neck strictly for blues and clean and the bridge for metal I'd say try Air Norton in the neck and a Super Distortion in the bridge. You'd probably be better off with a Tone Zone in the bridge as it is very good for classic rock/blues and can do metal very well unlike the Super Distortion, which is pretty much only for metal/shred.

Edit: Also try looking at Swineshead Pickups.


For you I'd probably say a Condor in the neck and a Warthog/X-Bucker for the bridge. IMO they're much better than most dimarzios and are about the same price.
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Not to be stereotypical, but a jb/jazz sounds like something for you. But the jb needs some magnet adjustment to sound alright.
im not too hot on the seymour duncans that i've heard, can i get swinesheads pickups in the good ol u s of a? and could i get an iron maiden sound out of the tone zone? what about the humbucker from hell?
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Yep, swinseheads have free shipping if you buy a set.
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im really interested in using a humbucker from hell in the bridge position, can it go distortiony well, has anyone used this?
Muddy Waters invented electricity.