heres another song idea has an alice in chains feel to it. i know some notes are bad, only did one take on the lead part and was making it up as went.

link to my music: title of song "yet another song idea"


direct link to song:


letme know what u think


crit my music and i'll crit yours just give me a link
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hey this song is very cool. i LOVE the way it was recorded/mixed, gives a very spacious feel, sounds very professionally done. actually when i set out to record my song i had something like this in my head, but it kinda changed. my only crit is the lead guitar in the clean part, it got a tiny bit boring, maybe it was just the effect, or lack there of, in comparison to the rhythm part. but i still enjoyed the whole thing a lot. goot job, definately.
Really love the tone, like mentioned above very professional sounding and sets a very nice tone. I'm typing as I listen and I really hope it gets to a point where it stops, and then smashes into like a heavier riff...

Hmm...it kind of does! But the tone on that heavier guitar kinda takes away from the quality of the song I think, I think the idea chord progression could work ok though, maybe just a better tone is needed.
Nice effort though
very cool. loved the entire clean section. didnt really like the tone.. but i like the riffs. very melodic sounding. the solo at the end didnt really fit to well. i loved the clean section though. good job