I have an accoustic guitar with a Dean Markley ProMag Gold pickup. If I plug in directly into my computer, the recording is weak because obviously the the signal has not yet been amped.

Could anyone recommend a cheap (around $100, give or take) device to boost my signal. Windows volume control has an option give a +20dB boost to your mic input but that blows, of course.

Thanks for any suggestions.
M-audio fast track is $100. its an audio interface, it will help u A LOT here. Also a better one would be Line 6 Toneport Ux1 ($130). These will help u out a lot with that. Plug the acoustic straight in and it will come out great. Also the Ux1 comes with gearbox, a software that provides u with many vintage amp and effect models, And u can get some great acoustic sounds out of it! Also it comes with a recording program. Either one would greatly help u, but there are others out there if u dont like there. Good Luck, hope it works out, post if u have any questions,

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