Would this be a good amp for metal? will be using it with a Boss Super OD in conjunction with it's o.d./distortion effect.

is this a good deal? i think i'd rather go for a 50w. i'm scared of 100w, too much power i think
and i think my home-made speaker cabs (2 BIG stereo speakers w/ 1 celestion 12in each) are rated at 75 or 80w so i wouldn't be able to run a 100w amp on these anyway
You can never have too much power. Heh. But yeah. It might be a good deal. I paid 300 for a line 6. It is 75 watt. Dunno too much bout mesa boogie. And Not so sure if the price is too good. Mostly because I know nothing about that particular amp. What is the MSRP for it?
Oh. Oops. My bad. I forgot, thats just a head. Umm. Mine is a solid state. So I'm not sure.
the 50 watts in that amp will melt your brain...especially only going with 2 12's...your doing good not getting a 100watt version.

and for a mesa that seems really cheap...so i'd get it...if only to resell it.
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ok, so how would the mark 2b handle a Malevolent Creation, Stillborn style metal sound? specifically the song Dominated Resurgency
Okay, I'm going to put this bluntly. Everyone thats posted on this thread knows nothing(about this particular subject, at least).

Anyways, it is a very good deal for 525. The amp is great, some say that they find it has Rectifier like distortion, and Mark series like cleans. For metal, it will do it well, but you could make it sound tighter if you use your overdrive pedal as a clean boost. Overall a great amp, you wont be dissapointed.

A Mark IIB, eh? Well, its not much like the Mark IIC+, Mark III, or Mark IV, in terms of metal distortion. It will not do brutal metal on its own. However, it does have a lot of gain, for Santana type stuff, just not for death metal type stuff.