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Bold as love
0 0%
Little wing
9 56%
0 0%
Purple haze
5 31%
Red house
2 13%
Voters: 16.
Hey, I'm posting a pole to see what your favorite Jimi Hendrix song is, I'm not gonna put all of his song's on the list, just a few.
I'm going to be cliched and put Purple Haze.
They say the old woman's got the wisdom
'Cause she couldn't read the clock anymore
She said "The numbers don't represent the moments"
Says she don't see what all the ticking's for
I'm sorry, where is voodoo child. I voted Little Wing because it is my favourite, but VC is brilliant as well. Star Spangled Banner is worth mentioning as well.
My favorite of those is Red House, so I'll pick that, but that's not my favorite Hendrix song. I suggest you put the choice of "other", because I'm sure not everyone's favorite Hendrix song is up there.
what, no voodoo chile? how can you have a poll on your favorite hendrix song without voodoo chile?

little wing
TEEP!!! Oiiiiiiieeeeeeeyyy!!!!!!