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My Hump's
11 34%
Where is the love
10 31%
Don't lie
2 6%
Disco club
0 0%
0 0%
Let's get it started
9 28%
Voters: 32.
i don't listen to much of them but i do like that song, "where is the love", so i'll vote for that one.
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what is this, like a best of the worst?

the best black eyed peas song? It's a tie between every song they ever made without fergie.
Banging on a trash can
Drumming on a street light
^yes.... also, those pictures of fergie pissing herself gave me a bit of a touch on.
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this is a lame poll. you missed off so many good songs.

off that list though... let's get it started.

although my favourite is probably still don't phunk with my heart. yes i know it's cheesy and crap as hell, but i had it stuck in my head in a 2 hour exam and came out of it still humming and realising that it wasn't so bad as i'd thought.

plus they have some wicked talent.
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'Let's get It Started' I suppose, although I don't really like any. I haven't heard them pre-Fergie.
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Quote by Burpin'Worm
I haven't heard them pre-Fergie.

haha and that's exactly the reason why they got fergie. If I may quote one of their own songs (BEP Empire), "Money is a drug and emcees is on it!"
Banging on a trash can
Drumming on a street light
I remember some pre-Fergie songs... Joints & Jams, and Fallin Up got some airplay on a hiphop tv show about 7 - 8 years ago. Those weren't bad.
My Humps is the song. The only song.
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haha and that's exactly the reason why they got fergie. If I may quote one of their own songs (BEP Empire), "Money is a drug and emcees is on it!"

Yeah, I'd heard of them quite a while ago, probably BF (before Fergie) but I wasn't (well I'm still not really) in to their style of music, so I didn't bother to investigate.
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Black Eyed Peas are immature wazzocks who think that singing about breasts is hilarious and rebellious. They could've at least mad it funny.
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none of these, it's "anxiety" off their first album

That's not off their first album. They had a couple before 'Elephunk'.
But I agree with you, Anxiety is their best song. But from that list it's 'Lets get it Started', or the album name: 'Lets get Retarded'.
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Ecky thump!
I dunno bout fave but i have a loathing for my humps.
I made a cd for my gf with my humps on it, and i dont know whether she really liked the song (unlikely) or just wanted to piss me off (more likely) by playing it over, and over, and over. i came up with countless arguments as to why the song is not very good (one being that it had the word hump a good 30 odd times.) and generally developed a hatred for the song and that stupid slag fergie.

Their breakthrough single (in england at least) was 'where is the love' which had a poignant, political message to it, along with a purpose and a point. then a few months down the line came 'my humps' which, upon analysis of the lyrics seems to be a tale about slaggy little cockteases.
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My Humps because it was nice to see Fergie shaking her ass in the music video on "Video Wake Up" every morning for 2 months during this past school semester.
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Where is the Love?, and no, I haven't heard anyting before they got Fergie.

It's just too bad that they became MTV's bitch afterward.
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this is a lame poll. you missed off so many good songs.

I was with you on the first sentence. And then by the second, you lost me.

I hate everything about the Black Eyed Peas. I don't have the level of caring to break it down and explain myself. But this reminds me, I want to download that Humps song because I've never heard more than about 10 seconds of it, yet it still gets in my head somehow. Danke as the Germans say.

BTW, didn't they used to be a legit hip-hop group long before that man-posing-as-a-woman, Fergie, joined? Or was Joints & Jamz just a ploy?
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Lets get it started, even though i hate this band
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who cares about the black eyed peas. there is no talent in rap or r&b music. classic rock is the best.it takes talent to play a guitar not to say bitch or ho.
redlefty whaddaya mean there is no talent in rap or R&B??

you do know where your classic rock originally evolved from right?? it was R&B.

and to think that all rap is about bitches and bling is ignorant. just because that is the only side of it you have seen in your stunted little world, doesnt mean thats all there is to it.

on the flipside, it doesnt take talent to play a guitar, it takes talent to play a guitar WELL and it takes talent to compose music, which is exactly what hiphop producers do.

Stop all the hating, just listen to music and accept it for face value. if you dont favour hiphop, then just appreciate the tunes in the contextof hiphop or dont comment. especially if the comment would just be an uninformed, recycled opinion

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1. where is the love
2. dont lie
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