i made a post earlier about what kind of acoustic i should get
some guy said that i should get an acoustic that has solid top
whats so good about a solid top? and why is it needed?
i saw this Takamine GS-330S acoustic
it said solid top
and i know that takamine is a good brand
anynone know anything about this guitar?
and please reccommend some acoustics!
thanks in advance
Alvarez RD8--beautiful, great tone, only costs about $260 and comes with a case. That's my advice. Good luck with your search.
You mean this thread?


Why didn't you just ask the question in the previous thread?

Anyway's, yeah you should go for a solid top if your budget allows. As for what type of guitar you should get, I'm afraid the answer will always be the same.

Go to the guitar store and play as many guitars as you can within your price range. You're bound to fall in love with at least one of them.
that was my first guitar and i love that thing! i still play it every day and it sounds a bajillion times better now than it did when i bought it.
All of the guitars in the "What guitar under $300" sticky are there because they're considered good values and have their share of fans. I haven't played the Takamine, but I can tell you about the brand I own, Art & Lutherie. It's a solid-cedar top natural-finish dreadnought that sells for $239 most places, and sounds and plays great, way beyond what it cost. The sides and back are wild cherry laminate, but look good and give the guitar great strength without sacrificing any tone...in fact, many Art & Lutherie owners rave about the tone of the wild cherry laminate tops that come on their cheaper models. Anyway, I like mine enough to have just ordered their parlour-sized AMI model in black with solid-cedar top. The A & Ls are not fancy-looking guitars, but construction for tone, playability, and strength is right on! The guitars have a Southwest flavor in appearance to my eye.

With restpect to solid tops, the guitar's strings transfer their vibrations through the saddle and bridge to the top which resonates to provide the guitar's sound, and solid wood tends to resonate better than laminate. It's tone also improves with use and age...it's said to "open up", while laminate tends to sound pretty much the same over time.

Anyway, the "under $300" sticky is a good guide, but play as many guitars in your price range as you can, and pick the one that speaks to you.
That Takamine is a wonderful guitar, one of my friends bought it to use it at school. Sounds great!

The Alvarez RD8 has a laminate top. A more comparable guitar would be the RD20S.

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