I started this song with the first couple of lines and then i decided to go a different way with it. I hope you like it.

Why do you have that knife
gripped so tight?
Drop it and step back it'll be alright
Im the man with the responsibility
step back and let me carve the turkey

Every thanksgiving
you do the same ol' thing
why wont you just let me do what i have to do
...and go watch t.v

Using the thigh as your alibi
trying to be discreet
You know I know you only like munchin on
the white meat

You make the biscuits and gravy, and dressing
If theres no cranberry sauce it would be quite depressing
Light up the candles and lets have a seat

Chorus again (i dont feel like typing it)

Then it kinda fades out.
at first, i thought the story was going in a TOTALLY different way than what it turned out to be... well, it's going to make a very interesting song, anyway...
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