for the sort of music im guessing ur guna play, yes. many people are going to slate it for the name and the lack of anything new on it, but it is good. I played a warwick corvette, MIA fender jazz and the hoppus through same amp and settings and the hoppus sounded so much better, in my opinion
For just starting bass.. you're willing to pay 600$ just for the bass?

With all the other stuff (amp, strap, tuner, case, book.. etc) You're probably looking towards.. 800$ give or take.

There's not alot of knobs on it either.

But hell, if you're rich. Buy it, it's a cool bass.
If you're starting bass, don't get it. Look into a P-Bass

If you have a nice amp and are fairly skilled, get it. I love mine. It's got a very nice sound and is easy to play.
Its a great bass, good styling and all, but you lose the versatility of Jbass pups. you might want to look into a standard jazz too. (If you do get it, go Daphne blue: sexiest color ever!)
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They've taken the jazz bass and replaced it's best feature with the worst feature of a P bass. I wouldn't buy it.
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