OK OK! so i know thousands of people have done this before, but i just started it today, and i wanted thoughts on my progress so far, the riffs are all original, though simple, as wen this vid was shot i had only been playin with the setup for less than 2 hours!hehe

any comments appreciated!!!


peace, sheepyuk
that pretty awesome! what song was that?
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That was pretty wicked dude
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Dude, that was amazing! How many years have you been playing and how often do you practice?
Cool stuff dude, sounds pretty cool, gets a little repetative but it's still rad nonetheless.

Props man

I'd love to hear you after 2 more hours
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The playing was really cool.

Why did you add the lame chrome effect?
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Dude, that was amazing! How many years have you been playing and how often do you practice?

Ive been playin for 6 years, so quite a long time, and i practice(although it used to be like all day!:P) just 2 hours a day max probabaly.

sorry about the b&W and the effect, its cos my cam is so fookced! it just adds tht effect cos its so crap,lmao!

thanks for the comments, im workin on it a little again today

peace, sheepy
meh it was alright, nothing special to be honest, and it could have easily been done on one guitar... tis better than most of the ****e on youtube though...
lol, y coordination improves the more i do it, im crap at multitasking naturally,lmao, i cant play drums for shizzle!

thanks for the comments, ill be posting another vid soon showing how ive progressed so far
that was sick

woh that was really good
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