Hey, i really need help, should i get the guitar or the amp first, I currently have a les paul, and the guitar and amp i wana buy u can see in my sig. So, should i buy the guitar or the amp first, and should i buy more pedals?
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Amp First. Always amp first. And only buy pedals if you need them (which I wouldn't know).
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Amp. If you don't like your amp's sound now, a new guitar won't change that.

I also think Crate amps suck.

I do like Marshalls though.
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the les paul with duncans should sound pretty good, so i'd say amp for sure.

it's the greatest thing ever.
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Yeah, get a tube amp and then go with pedals from there. The guitar is decent enough with those pickups.
amp without a doubt. You'll be kicking yourself playing a nice guitar through the same crappy amp. Been there man.
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