from www.schizotron.com:
"The Bass Skitz is a bass guitar with a keyboard attached. Though by switching into neck/enable mode the bass neck becomes a one handed midi controller. The player is able to finger midi bass notes with the left hand while playing chords on the keyboard with the right hand."

Looks sort of awkward to me, yet, kind of cool too.
kind of pointless. If you're good enough for the right hand (keyboard) to do anything worth listening to, you should be good enough to play the midi with your left hand on a keyboard anyway.

Neato concept, but I just don't see it ever being worthwhile.
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It's an interesting idea, but pointless IMO. You could have a fretless bass with the keyboard for playing dead on the notes if you know what I mean

They could have at least tried to make it look nice
Dumb idea. Nice hair this guy has by the way, he's really cool.
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