Whenever I slap with my bass plugged into the amp and turned on it makes a weird sound like a....I dunno how to describe it...almost like wen you take a..i dunno it makes this weird sound. Could that be a problem with the amp or my connection cord, cuz wen i do it without the bass plugged in it sounds normal.
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does it make a 'rattley' sound? if so, you're 'holding' the slap too long, although I sometimes do it on purpose.
if it sounds like a fart, you're hitting too hard.
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it's a UtBDan sandwich. Awwww yeah!
^ They're both right.

The only bassist I know that can pull of a hard slap, is the guy from KoRn.
Ive noticed it only happens on the E string
"Imagine all the people, sharing all the world"
-John Lennon
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almost like wen you take a...

like when you take a what? like when you take a dump? you've gotta be specific about the sound it makes, otherwise it's all guesswork for us, buddy.

does your bass have active pickups? because if it does, and the batteries are low, it could be what's causing your bass to sound funny. other than that, i don't know what it could be, aside from what others already said.