Ok so I have a problem which has just recently come up today...my guitar seems to only be playing artificial harmonics, and thats it! No matter how I pick, the notes come out as harmonics, or something that sounds like a harmonic. I have my amp on the cleanest setting, no effects, just the guitar and the amp. If it helps I have a Vox ad50vt and an Epiphone Les Paul Special ( ). Any ideas? I mean its kind of interesting to hear, but I dont want it to be there all the time. Oh, and I tried a different cable, and got the same results, so its not the cable.
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play your guitar through a different amp see if its the amp.
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Try playing through different pickup setting, neck or bridge etc. It may also be the pickup height or the pickup had screwed up for some reason. Check your amp too, coz it may be it.
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