When I try to tap, I can never make it sound nearly as loud as it does in songs. Can someone explain how they get the sound to ring out so clearly? I have a similar problem with hammer ons, but to a lesser degree. Thanks.
i used to have the same problem. then i turned up my amp
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What can I say... practice. Experiment with your string and pickup tuning, too.
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Do you just tap the strings lightly, or do you tap then followed by a downstroke/upstroke fingerpicking? (pulloffs with the right hand if its right hand tapping), coz thats the correct way. Its basically just practice or routine that you do till you figure it out. Same as the hammer-ons, you need to practice on how to exactly hit the correct note (fret), not too hard and not too soft, just mild, depends.
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Ha, raise the action on the guitar and keep practising, then after a month lower the action and you will be tapping like a pro. It could be that the action is already too high, in which case lower it and you might already be decent at it. It also has a lot to do with your amp.
Try a sort of flourishing motion. Instead of simply "tapping" try bringing the finger down and instead of bringing it up pull it off in a downstroke sort of flourish. Same thing with your fretting hand. Kinda hard to explain.
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