I can pick from a Jackson RR3 or a Dean From Hell, and I dunno which one to get. I'm not too good with like neck woods and stuff and all the specs, and was wondering if you all would help me out. Here are the links to the guitars :

--- Jackson RR3 ---


I'd get the black hardware one with a Crimson Swirl finish, just so everyone knows.

--- Dean From Hell ---


One of the things that I kinda worried about was playing neoclassical Children of Bodomish kind of stuff on the Dean, I just dont think it would feel right. Then again it might work out. I play thrash stuff, and a lot of 80's, like Metallica, Megadeth, Pantera, Motley Crue, Scorpions, Quiet Riot, Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, around those lines. I like neoclassical stuff too, as long as it has a metal sense to it.
So hopefully you guys can help me out cause im completely stumped on which one to get. There are no good dealers around me so I cant play them, I'll just have to go on what you all say about them.
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definetley the dean from hell although jackson is an excellent brand i would rather get jackson soloist then the rr3 but for 80's metal and pantera a dean is perfect bothe guitars feel really nice also so its hard to call
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get the RR5 i have one and it owns. it is honestly the best guitar i have ever played
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Dimebag played Cemetery Gates with his dean all the time. Mahogany body and neck has a nice tone.

I think the dean would be good Pantera to the 80's rhythm (i.e. Randy Roads). Jackson would be better for Megadeth and leads.
I have a rr3 and it is a sweet guitar! Even though, I would get the Dean if I were you.

Although the Jackson is good too.
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I'd go for the Jackson, though I'd probably rather go for KE3 than Rhoads.
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