Yo, check out the song and tell me if u like it or if it sucks. THe ending is a bit abrubt but the song is supossed to repeat. Leave a attachment and I will crit for crit.
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At the minuite it's a little dull, there isn't much too it, try expanding on that opening theme a little and whatever that instrument is meant to be that comes in around the 30 second mark is really annoying, it sounds like a train... I'd make that a bit quieter. it sounds like you're going for a minimalistic style, slowly building it up and putting more stuff into it. It does sound like something videogame music though. Which is always cool.
Its kinda boring to be honest. And like vigil said, that hting that comes aroun 30 seconds is annoying.

All in all, way too repetitive. Expand it more, work on more things, add stuff, etc.

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