My band is playing 6 songs (all covers) for an upcoming performance, and i was wondering what the most logical order for the songs be.

Blookd and THunder - Mastodon
Seek and Destroy - Metallica
Crazy Train - Ozzy
Sunshine of Your Love - Cream
White Room - " "
Anarchy in the Uk - Sex Pistols

thx alot
1st: a in the uk
2nd:sun of your love
3rd: blookd
4th: seek and destroy
5th: crazy train
6th: White room
ive never heard blookd before though so you could put that anywhere i guess
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no dude listen to me do this....

sunshine of your love
anarch in uk
crazy train
white room(you have to play this last dude!)
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No, no, no. Start with Crazy Train. Seriously. It will get people going.

Then pretty much any order will do, just make sure you end on the song you play best.
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gotta start with anarchy
if not..whatever you do
don't start with a cream one
don't play the cream ones back to back
play metallia & ozzy somwhere in the middle
a cream one to end
follow those rule
you'll be alrite
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