So my band has been practicing, and during the guitar solo of one of our songs I(the bassist) am doing little to nothing. So, we've decided that it'd be cool if I could spin my bass/do a bass toss. Any tips or how to's so that I don't destroy my bass and look awesome at the same time?
straplocks......trust me
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strap locks. no strap locks, it will fly off and hit someone in the head.

but why don't you have a bass during a guitar solo? unless its one of the solos where all the other instruments drop out.
Look in 'UG contribution'

Someone wrote a whole lesson on it.
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At the risk of sounding like a fag, look at a Fall Out Boy video, they do that constantly
If you don't like A7X

do a helicopter with your bass. the bassist for ozzy does it in live at budakon. those guys on those videos are idiots
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