When I started playing guitar, I used mediums, and thins, primarily. Then I noticed that alot of the "pros" use heavier picks. (or maybe not, one day i just decided to use heavies).

The other day I found one of my old thin picks, and played with it, and it actually felt alot better and I seemed to play better. The stuff I play consists of alot of fast picking and string skipping. I'm confused, I dunno what to use, so uh, what do you guys use? Do you switch between heavies/thins when playing?
thinner are easier for alternative picking I find, but they also produce a weaker sound, so I don't really use thin or soft picks much
i use Dunlop Tortex 1.00 for every style, every song, electric or acoustic. You should use whatevers comfortable and works for you.
i use .73s. its all up to your preference.
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Dunlop Ultex 0.73 and 1.00, or 2.00 stubbies for heavy rhythms.
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Dunlop green tortex for electric and acoustic melody and lead.
Dunlop nylon .73's for rythym.
I like flexibility, but not much in rythym. In lead I prefer a semi thin, but rigid pick.
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Depends what feels best to you. I've found that it takes longer then a day of trying out a pick to see your capabilities with it at full potential.

I used Dunlop Tortex (mostly fins) 1mm (blue) for a long time. I eventually switched up to Dunlop Big Stubby 3mm's now. For me, they're great for everything, from alt. picking to acoustic. There are definately a few extremely minors details that I would change about them but they work great for what I need them to do. I also use Big Stubby 2mm's. They don't seem make a drastic different but there is a difference.

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The ones that i use mainly

2.0mm delrin picks
1mm stubby picks
1 credit card pick (friggin sharp)

The delrin pick is very delicate, usually for leads.
The stubby gives a very heavy song, usually for rhythm for me

The credit card I use most, because its versatile.

Yes, i am a heavy pick guitar freak