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I bought my guitar about a year and a half ago and I just realized a couple months back that some of the fret wires are worn down. Like, the first one near the high e string is like new cause I never really do bends down in that region, but the ones going toward the twelfth position around the top 3 or 4 strings (d, g, b, and e) are getting flat and you can see pretty much where I do most of my bends (and playing, for that matter)
My questions: Do I need a fret-job? Is it normal for this to be happening only a year and a half into the guitar's life? Is a local shop reliable when it comes to a new fret-job?
Any additional information pertaining to things I forgot to ask about is appreciated.
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My question: Do I need a fret-job?

oh, and yes you do....or get a new neck
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what type of guitar.

and fretwork might be worth it as it might cost $20 per fret.

reliable work depends on where u take it.

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Sounds like you're not having any problems except that you can visually see the frets where they've been worked down more. I wouldn't say you do need a fretjob.