recently they keep snapping everytime i try to tune.
just yesterday i bought new strings, 10s, and i was very careful not to stretch them too quickly. throughout the day i gradually tuned and waited till it was out of tune, to a point where i thought they were stretched enough. today, i loosened the strings to fix the height. as i began tuning, the e string snapped.
how long does it take for the strings to be fully 'stretched'? i mean to a point where frequent loosening and stretching does not cause the string to snap?

now i gotta go buy new ones... $5 down the drain
check near where the sting meats the bridge
may be jagged that will snap utr string sand it if it is
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obviously you are doing something wrong, I've never broken a string and my strings only go slightly out of tune after a lot of tremolo and behind the nut bends
TYry adjusting the truss Rod, most likely its a tension problem
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Probably sharp edges at the saddles. Get the string saver saddles from Graph tech. They increase sustain and keep strings from snapping at the bridge.

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I don't wait at all when I put new strings on...I just put them on and tune it up. The only strings I've broken are because of a sharp edge on one of my bridge's saddles. A quick filing fixed that up and I haven't broken one since.

Did you upgrade from 9's or something? I don't see why they would snap otherwise. Unless the e string you got was just bad.

If it happens again it's your guitar-as for now, it's just one string, so there could have been an issue with it.
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Be specific. Which strings are breaking, where are they breaking. How close to in tune are they when they break. What is the exact guage of the string. Et Cetera, et cetera.
yes, obviously, obviously im doing something wrong. thats why im asking.

as a matter of fact it is an upgrade from 9s. with 9s i had no problem; just string like how i always do then play. i had 10s before i switched. oh yeah another thing i noticed was when i switched back to 10s (yesterday) the tremolo seemed to have raised. thats odd, when i bought it it had 10s, and the bridge was just fine. perhaps the springs are wearing out... (that quick?!)

yeah i have string saver on my other guitar, its good. ill check for rough edges

thanks for the quick help guys; always helpful
:: double post

i just stepped on to what appears to be the metal ring that is found at the end of the string to keep the string locked in the bridge. does that mean it wasn't attached properly? does that mean its a manufacture error?

i smell refund....
nah, you cant get refunds cos of that. ive already broken two strings due to that mainly on my guitars that have tremolo