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I went to my local guitar store today and tried out some ibanez rg's hoping to play some decent quality guitars. Instead I was very dissapointed when I played an RG370DX, RG350EX, and an RGT42DXFM. I asked the guy who works there how old they were and he said they were only a few days old. When I plugged in the 370DX's bridge and middle pickup were completely flopping aroudn and produced no sound at all, while the 350EX could not hold tune even when not using the edge 3 tremolo. The only decent one was the 42DXFM, and it was $899. In the end I was very dissapointed and went home with a Peavey Rotor EXP for $465. I was impressed with the peavey as it's tremolo held tune remarkebly well, was made out of solid mahogany, and had a very comfy neck. I am very displeased with the few ibanez's i tried out so any other stories of people going to play a popular guitar and being dissapointed like I was?
the rg370dx rules are you ****ing RETARDED
so you settled for a PEAVEY!!!!! WHAAAAT!!!
try one that isnt assembled like **** in canada all guitars are QUALITY SHIZINT
let me get this straight, i bought i peavey instead of an rg??? well ur choice i suppose.
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The egde tremolos blow huge. So do the pickups. I'm getting an RG370DX but im gonna get a floyd rose and some dimarzios. Some better locking tuning pegs as well. I hope I dont have to get it routed
What ever you like best................personally, I don't like the RG that much either..............
as proud owner of rg i would say that they rock over any peavey i have played, for what i play tho, different strokes for diff. folks i guess
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RG370DX, RG350EX, and an RGT42DXFM are not popular. Not at all. Maybe with the begining crowd who rarely uses a whammy bar, but pretty much to any self respecting guitarist RG370DX, RG350EX, and RGT42DXFM's are not popular at all.

The main components of those guitars are cheap and what especially sucks are the bridges. If you did a little more research you'll find that the Edge III's and Edge Pro II's are mediocre (at max, not even worth having).

I may be overexagerating a little bit but the main reason why the guitars you played felt so crappy is because they all had a crappy (type of) Edge that still costs more then a normal brige thereby, lessening the quality of the other components.

There are many many better low end Ibanez's but you won't have much luck findign good ones in the RG series.

And to answer your question, I tried a Jackson PC Sig months back and I was disappointed with the way the neck felt, the stinky electronics and the overall feel of the guitar. One good thing was the looks which was sorta an old Charvel strat kinda thing.

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you shred, and you pick a peavey!!!! you crazy ma fuka

Shut up.

As stated before, anything under a 500 series with a trem sucks. Duh.
Yes I bought a Peavey instead of an RG. Know why? Because I don't like them. Peavey guitars are probably the most underrated guitars made. Besides I prefer a mahogany body, a decent floyd, and neck-thru than basswood, bolt on, and a POS tremolo.
^ in all fariness you didint try the real RG's. You tried "ibanez's marketing scheme" models.
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Yeah but the store i go to is small and the highest end ibanez model they had was the 42DXFM which was nothing to get excited about.
^ i agree. I wasnt exactly thrilled with the 42DXFM.

Thats the problem with local stores. Sometimes the higg end models just aren't there to play.
I traded in my Real Books for Robbins and Cotran Pathology Textbooks
Yeah, I wanna go to Winnipeg sometime and try out a whole bunch of high end guitars at some of the big stores there.
I played two Peavey's in my life. I'd probably strangle myself with my strings if I had to play one again :\
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wow, you shouldve gotten a prestige rg. Damn....well hey man, its up to your taste but dont forget to check out the other shred monsters like jackson and esp. also pretty good!

EVH, and others that used peavy is way superior to your peavy model. :-/
Just an influence.
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I don't like Ibanez
I prefer Peavy too, I think RGs are only worth it when you get one of these:The Hottnesss

what a mahogany body with a piece of maple running through it
Sylent, the highest end model my guitar store had was the 42DXFM and as I said ebfore I didn't like it. And I know EVH uses wolfgangs, but the guys from lamb of god use Rotor exp's which is the same model I got yesterday.
I like how people are flaming this guy for buying what he likes the best and played the best for him.

85% of the people say you should play a guitar before you buy it... to make sure it's what you want... yet those same people flame the guy for buying what he loves.

Can we say: "Hypocrites" ?

Congrats on your new guitar puchase.. Peavey's are fine guitars!
well technically we were more flaming for the specs of the peavey and not trying out other ibanez guitars
I've said it again and again. My shop does NOT carry any higher end Ibanez models than the RGT42DXFM. It's not that I didn't want to, it's the fact that I couldn't, and I don't like Ibanez very much anyway. Just my personal preference.
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well technically we were more flaming for the specs of the peavey and not trying out other ibanez guitars

Oh, so you're saying that you flaming based on specs but not hands on experience with any Peavey Rotor? Interesting indeed.

Why not argue your point after you actually test one? Doesn't that make a bit more sense?
errrr like the ts said i dont have every ****ing guitar in my local guitar shop. but then again the feel of the guitar is more of personal preference
Quote by azn_guitarist25
but then again the feel of the guitar is more of personal preference

Well said... people should stop flaming the OP and congratulate him for finding the guitar that completes his personal preference.
yeh well most of them were noobs anyway so technically there opinion doesnt matter that much

edit: plus didnt see where the ts had said that they didnt have any other models at the store
Threadstarter: good job! You actually tried them and picked the one you like best.
You have a mind of your own.

No guitar pwns any other guitar. Most of what you read here are owners of a
particular brand spewing garbage. For some reason they want to feel superior
about thier guitar.

The rest just seem to go along with the crowd and base what they like on pretty
pictures in catalogues.
yeah, i dont care for the RG models either, i dont know what the trems are like but i heard they are ****, and i tried a few Ibanez RG models today and i hated the way the neck felt, it felt really thin which was nice, but when i slide and junk it was just too not nice, i don't like un-finished necks that much i guess..and im used to playing my fat necked SG, so then i picked up an Austin Strat for like 1/3 the price of the RG model i tried, and loved it, the neck was perfect, the price was perfect, the feel, was perfect.
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I know how you feel with buying what YOU like instead of what the majority likes. Hence why I own a Marshall MG50DFX. Everyone bashes them for various reasons, but strangely, my MG doesn't have a single problem frequently mention by MG haters. Hm..odd, isn't it?

I also tried a Vox Valvetronix before I bough my MG. It seemed somewhat mediocre to me. Yet, everyone praises Vox amps as the bee's knees-similar to Ibanez guitars.

Again, congrats on the guitar and an even bigger congrats for getting what you liked!!!
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RG is one of the best series for great soloing and u didnt get one?

why would he buy the guitar that he didn't like? He's the one who has to like it; not you!
How does the peavey play anyway, I was thinking about picking one up, but no local stores have one, whats the neck like?
Hey, leave him alone, he obviously like the Peavy more than the RG. To be honest, I played a JEM and I wasn't impressed at all, yet I loved this under $1000 korean Tele that I played.
AsShadowsRemain, did you get the sunburst model?
I'm not to fond of Peavey guitars myself but that sunburst Rotor does look awesome.

How about a pic, and forget all the unsupportive prior posts.
A new guitar of any kind is always worth celebrating....or you'd think it would be here of all places.
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