I need some opinions, or help, which ever is best. I've been playing guitar for 2 years. I'm not the best or the most technical guitar player. Okay but down to the seriousness, I dont know the first thing about scales or any of that. I cant read them or understand them, but I play blues and even with out knowing scales I can make leads that fit the music I am playing too just by getting the feel of the music. Is this ok or do I need to learn scales. I am trying to transition from playing rythym to playing lead and any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks yall.
learning scalews would probably make your ability to write leads much better.
Start out by learning the pentatonics. Learn em across the neck in every key. Then start learning the Maj scale and all of its modes. and ALWAYS practice with a metronome
Knowing scales would help you make a solo off the top of your head if you ever screwed up, because you know whats in key an so forth.
No offense but yall make this sound easy. I dont know theory or scales or sweeping, or any of that. I dont take lessons and never will. If I cant do it on my own then it aint worth doing, in my opinion. If you are going to say play something or learn this or learn that then I need to know of a web-site that tells me this is what it means now do what you want with it. Thats the only way I am going to learn it. I hope I dont piss anyone off but cut me some slack, Im not Kirk Hammett.