I accidentely closed my case with my guitar still pluged in and it smashed the cable.

I found that the input jack on my guitar was messed up.

There was this copper thing rattling around in it. I took off the cover and put it back together and it was working fine.

About an hour later...the sound started going in and out. and then it just cut out. Now I can only hear it when gain is 10 volume is 10 and overdrive is on(and it's got a clean sound when it should be hella distorted)

There's the input device, a copper thing, a washer and 2 nuts, how do I correctly put it back together so it works again.


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^I agree.

Please tell me you replaced the cable?

No it just happened a few hours ago. I can't get pic right now. I'll get a new cable and post pics tomorrow.