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I've been playing a lot of piano lately and thought I'd like to record this. I only recorded the piano now, but I will record the slide, bass, and drums soon enough!... I'm trying to think of ways to make up for the emptiness of the amazing vocals. Any ideas? I was thinking about just improvising a slide solo over it? Or maybe just a nice bluesy guitar solo?

If you like it, check out my 'Breathe' cover as well. I recorded all the instruments (drums, bass, guitar, slide, and organ) on it myself!
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I liked Breathe, pretty accurate to the recording. I'm not sure what you should do for Great Gig in the Sky though cause the vocals are amazing
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Yes - very nicely played (and the Breathe track is a quality recording too)

You know I've been thinking for some time about doing the vocals part as a guitar solo (a bit of a challenge I know) but hey if you want to try it - I'm up for a collab.